Project team

STAND unites an interdisciplinary and geographically spread team of researchers interested in how treescape expansion can be designed and governed to benefit people and nature:

Dr Tom Finch (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science). Tom is a Senior Conservation Scientist at the RSPB, interested in the impact of land use on nature, climate and food.
Prof Susan Baker (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University). Susan is a social scientist, working on how to govern social-ecological systems for just and equitable outcomes for nature and society.
Dr Natasha Constant (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science). Natasha is a Senio Social Scientist at the RSPB, interested in participatory ways of working with stakeholders to better understand the social dimensions of forest management.
Dr Euan Bowditch (Scottish School of Forestry Research, University of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness). Euan is an interdisciplinary forestry researcher working at UHI on a range of topics from forest health to social dimensions of management.
Dr Melissa Minter (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science) Melissa is a Conservation Scientist at the RSPB, leading on STAND’s national and landscape scenario modelling.
Dr Sheena Carlisle (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University) Sheena is a social scientist specialising in sustainable development and collaborative governance in destination landscapes.
Alix Zelly (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science). Alix is a Senior Social Science Research Assistant at the RSPB, supporting STAND’s social science research.